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Motors reducers speed variators NORD Drivesystems
SpecialtyMotors, speed reducers
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Speed ​​reducers and geared motors

We are NORD Drivesystems distributor in Mexico,, in Guadalajara and Aguascalientes. The NORD reducers of this proven series have been developed according to the UNICASE principle of monoblock crankcase. This applies to all models, both the reduction of legs, flange and pendulums. We understand by UNICASE (monobloc) a one-piece crankcase in which all bearing housings are integrated. The machining of the UNICASE crankcase is made of a single fixture in the most modern CNC machines. Maximum precision, rigidity and stability characterize the UNICASE principle. There are no seals or gaskets between the outlet side and the gearbox housing to withstand loads derived from external forces or torque.

The housings are manufactured in gray cast iron and aluminum casting. If requested, also in cast iron with spheroidal graphite The sprockets and wheels are made of high alloy steel and the gear teeth have been tempered by cementation (except in the case of augers). Optimized geometries and precise axle alignment thanks to the one-piece principle provide maximum load capacity, longer life and less noise. The teeth, bearings and shafts have been calculated according to DIN 3990, DIN ISO 281 and Niemann for all the powers and speeds collected in the catalog. For this reason, all NORD gearboxes provide the highest level of safety and reliability

The bearings and gears rotate in oil bath. The sprockets also have, in addition to the keyed union, a pressure connection between the shaft and the hub. In general NBR seals are used. Optionally it is possible to use seals manufactured in FKM (Viton).

Engines and speed reducers

NORD DriveSystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, Together we drive more.
NORD Getriebebau is one of the leaders in the production of drive technology for both mechanical and electronic solutions. Our product range includes geared motors, motors, industrial reducers, frequency inverters, starters and frequency inverters for decentralized control drives.

Flexible, adaptable, decentralized: Primicia in drives in the SPS IPC DRIVES. At the SPS IPC Drives (Hall 3, Stand 218) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents its new range of NORDAC LINK field distributors for the first time.

Geared motors

The perfect combination of the components is the basis for a wide variety, great flexibility and shorter planning and installation times. In gearmotors find the right solution! We offer a wide variety of geared motors:

Coaxial Gearmotors
Nord Bloc 1
Parallel axes
Conical bevel gear
Conical of two trains
Universal S1
Universal SMI
Belt Drive

Electric motors

Find the right solution!

NORD supplies through BIOSA Motion Technologies own development engines to major markets around the world. This autonomy translates into a high independence of suppliers, which for the customer means shorter delivery times and highly reliable, ie a decisive advantage.

Standard Motors
Single phase
Smooth surface
Engines with two or more speeds

Frequency converters

Drive electronics NORD
Scalable functions for all drive tasks

NORD’s innovative range of drive technology can be configured for virtually any application. As experts in drive solutions, NORD collaborates with its customers to provide them with the perfect solution for their needs. And this in the most diverse regions of the world.

Scalable functions for all drive tasks. For decades, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has offered its customers global drives that can be installed in the control cabinet and decentralized drive technology.

IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors

Power consumption of electric drives

Electrical drives in industrial applications consume between 30 and 40% of the electric power generated. They are a factor to take into account when optimizing the performance of the entire drive system, including the application / process; Usually the potential lies between 30% and 60%.

Change to IE3 on 1.1.2017 NORD energy-saving motors for worldwide use. The efficiency requirements for electric motors in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 640/2009 under the 2009/125 / EC directive on eco-design are to be raised on 1 January 2017 in the European Union.

Reductor NORD Drivesystems
Motor Nord AC

NORD Drivesystems

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