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SKF Mexico
SKF MéxicoSKF Certified Maintenance Partner
SpecialtyVibration analyzers and special tools
ProductCMAS100, CMSS200, TKRS20, Microlog GX, Microlog AX,

SKF Certified Maintenance Partner

Vibration analysis

Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring is the process of determining the condition of machinery while in operation. The key to a successful condition monitoring programme includes:
– Knowing what to listen for
– How to interpret it
– When to put this knowledge to use

Successfully using this programme enables the repair of problem components prior to failure. Condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure, but also allows them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower, and plan other repairs during the downtime.

Basic condition monitoring products

Essential for maximum bearing service life and optimum machine performance
To help ensure long bearing service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and bearings while in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help reduce machine downtime and decrease overall maintenance costs.

To help you achieve this goal, SKF has developed a wide range of instruments for analyzing the critical environmental conditions that have an impact on bearing and machine performance.

Machine condition advisor SKF CMAS 100-SL

Machine monitoring, made simple
SKF Machine Condition Advisor CMAS 100-SL SKF Machine Condition Advisor CMAS 100-SL
Now both novice users and experts can easily, quickly, and accurately check the condition of rotating equipment throughout your facility. Equipping your maintenance and operations personnel with this rugged, ergonomic and easy-to-use instrument can provide early warning of potential machine problems before a costly failure occurs.


Quick and easy to set up and use, measurements are shown on a bright display viewable in low light to direct sunlight. Free on-line training is also available.
Lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed, the SKF Machine Condition Advisor fits neatly at the belt line, in a pocket or a tool kit. Exceptionally durable, the unit is rated IP 54 for use in industrial environments.
Alert and Danger prompts provide increased diagnostic confidence.
Measuring velocity, enveloped acceleration and temperature simultaneously saves time.
Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, the rechargeable SKF Machine Condition Advisor operates 10 hours on a single charge.
Flexible enough to work with standard 100 mV/g constant current accelerometers, an optional external sensor can be used for hard to reach locations and for more repeatable and accurate measurement results.
Features English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish for user convenience.
Multiple measurements with a single device The SKF Machine Condition Advisor provides an overall “velocity” vibration reading that measures vibration signals from the machine and automatically compares them to pre-programmed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. An “Alert” or “Danger” alarm displays when measurements exceed those guidelines. Simultaneously an “enveloped acceleration” measurement is taken and compared to established bearing vibration guidelines to verify conformity or indicate potential bearing damage. The SKF Machine Condition Advisor also measures temperature using an infrared sensor to indicate uncharacteristic heat.

Accuracy, flexibility and confidence
When performing measurements, the SKF Machine Condition Advisor’s acceleration sensor input signal is processed to produce two different measurements for each POINT on the machinery – overall velocity and enveloped acceleration. At the same time, the SKF Machine Condition Advisor’s non-contact infrared sensor measures the surface temperature of the measurement location and simultaneously displays all three measurement values. Depending on the SKF Machine Condition Advisor’s System setting, the front-panel LCD simultaneously displays:

Metric or Imperial units
Velocity in mm/s RMS or in./s derived Peak
Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Acceleration enveloping readings in g

SKF Machine Condition Indicator CMSS 200

SKF Machine Condition Indicator The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is an economical vibration sensor and indicator for monitoring non-critical machines. It is ideal for machinery with constant operating conditions not previously monitored in plants. The device can be compared to the “check engine” light in a car. What the “check engine” light does for the car, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator does for industrial machinery. Internal sensors measure velocity, enveloped acceleration (bearing or gear impulsive vibration) and machine surface temperature.

The included magnetic read-key is used to activate the SKF Machine Condition Indicator, change operating modes, set vibration baselines and acknowledge alarms.

The unit features three LEDs to indicate the machine and bearing condition. Once the unit is illuminated, it alerts the predictive maintenance technician to do a root cause analysis on the machine. In addition, it features a barcode with serial number for machine identification purposes and easy incorporation into an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program, maintenance routes or scheduled check-ups.

SKF Stroboscopes TKRS series

The SKF Stroboscopes, TKRS 10 and TKRS 20 are portable, compact, easy-to-use
stroboscopes that enable the motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery to appear frozen.
They allow such applications as fan blades, couplings, gear wheels, machine tool spindles and
belt drives to be inspected while running. TKRS stroboscopes are useful for ODR programmes
and are an essential instrument for maintenance technicians.

The TKRS series have the following features:
• Ergonomic controls enable the flash rate to be set in a matter of seconds
• Phase shift mode enables the viewing of the object of interest to be rotated to the correct position for viewing; especially useful
for gear wheels and fan blade inspection
• For ease of use for extended periods, they are equipped with a tripod mounting thread
• Supplied in a sturdy carrying case with universal charger

Portable data collectors and analyzers

SKF Microlog Analyzers – State-of-the-art operating technology
With more than a century of leadership in the design and manufacture of bearings, SKF’s R&D Engineers have leveraged every bit of this expertise as they pioneered many of the world’s leading condition monitoring tools and technologies. As such, SKF offers a wide variety of portable condition monitoring hardware.

The SKF Microlog series of analyzers and portable maintenance instruments is designed to enable a user to establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring programme. As a diagnostic tool, the SKF Microlog series is unequalled in its class.

With robust, high-speed data processors and optimum data storage capacity, SKF Microlog analyzers are equipped to operate within today’s most advanced computerized maintenance management systems. Units are available with a range of individual modules and accessories for specific types of analysis required to meet a plant’s monitoring needs.
Static and dynamic motor testing equipment
SKF’s static and dynamic motor test and monitoring solutions meet the needs of professionals who perform predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of electric motors, generators and rotating machinery.

SKF instruments deliver comprehensive, detailed test results and monitoring data that provide industrial motor maintenance, motor service/repair and OEM motor manufacturers the means to clearly assess the condition of specific motors and motorized equipment. Such information helps maintenance professionals improve the reliability and uptime of the motorized systems their businesses depend upon.

SKF Basic condition monitoring kit CMAK 400-ML

An essential collection of measurement tools for all industrial manufacturing plants
SKF Basic condition monitoring kit CMAK 400-ML SKF Machine Condition Advisor (MCA) CMAS 100-SL
SKF Machine Condition Advisor (MCA) CMAS 100-SL
Infrared Thermometer CMSS 3000-SL
Infrared Thermometer CMSS 3000-SL
Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe CMIN 400-K
Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe CMIN 400-K
The SKF basic condition monitoring kit CMAK 400-ML makes machine health monitoring a simple task for maintenance, operations, reliability and vibration analysis departments.

Assessment of overall machine condition
Monitor bearings, pumps, motors, compressors, etc.
Supplied in a lightweight and durable aluminium carrying case


Machine Condition Advisor CMAS 100-SL
Simultaneously measures machine vibration signals and temperature to indicate machine health and bearing condition.

External sensor kit for the Machine Condition Advisor
Provides convenience for hard-to-reach surfaces and more repeatable and accurate measurements.

Infrared Thermometer CMSS 3000-SL
A heavy duty, dual-laser sighted, non-contact instrument for long range applications.

Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe CMIN 400-K
Senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges, and makes them audible.



Machine Analyzer


Machine Condition Indicator


SKF Stroboscopes TKRS

SKF Microlog Analyzer AX

Vibration Analyzer


Vibration Analyzer

CMAK 400-ML Kit

Basic Predictive Maintenance Kit