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SpecialtyPower transmission
ProductRoller chain of tablets, sprockets and conveyor equivalences



We are SENQCIA distributor in Mexico, We will provide valuable products optimally using our unique know-how and technology that we have cultivated for many years, through close communication with customers, in various industrial domains, such as transportation facilities and construction machines.

Roller chain
The power transmission with the roller chain always needs to match with the dimensionally accurate high sprocket. SENQCIA through BIOSA Motion is ready to supply a wide range of sprockets, ANSI, JIS and BS, outside the inventory system.

Roller chain

The ANSI roller chain is based on JIS B 1801. The uniqueness includes SBR (Solid Bushing & Roller) which has no seam in the bushing and the roller creates exceptional character against the initial elongation and wear.

Long wear life
Conventional divided bushings are deformed into a barrel shape when side plates are pressed, leaving only a two-point contact area. The SBR (Solid Bushing and Roller) chain has extremely cylindrical inner and outer walls of the bushings, resulting in full contact to disperse the bearing pressure. Less pressure ensures excellent wear resistance.

Up to 2-3 times wear life over corrugated bushings
Curved, split sleeves have a seam where tiny space allows lubricant leak resulting in a shorter wear life. SBR has no seam, resulting in lower bearing pressure allowing the bushings to retain lubrication, resulting in a much longer wear life.

Super Roller Chain

It is designed to provide excellent resistance against fatigue and impact.

Connection plate
Oval shaped plate
High precision drift ball hole

High strength steel
All coined surface

Bearing and roller

Stainless steel roller chain

Stainless roller chain is made of SUS300, and is recommended for application under severe environment. Stainless roller chain is made of SUS300, it is recommended for application under severe environment such as acid or alkaline environment, with water, and low or high temperature.

Plate Rolled Chain

SENQCIA provides nickel and LL plated roller chains for increased corrosion resistance. SENQCIA provides nickel plated and LL (special surface treatment) roller chains for greater corrosion resistance than the regular ANSI roller chain.

Dimensional Specification

Nickel-plated chain

The nickel plated roller chain is having each part of the chain plated with nickel for relatively light corrosion resistance.

LL Plated Chain

The plated roller chain LL is LL plated with special surface treatment for a higher corrosion resistance than nickel plating, it is good for outdoor application.

HE Roller Chain

HE The roller chain consists of the thicker mesh plate and the stronger bolt with high strength strength steel.

It has thicker mesh plate than ANSI roller chain and bolt stronger with high strength steel, which creates higher traction force and greater fatigue resistance.

The standard pinion can be used for a single strand but needs a special pinion for double or triple chain

Heavy Duty Roller Chain

The main parts are hardened special steel with beautiful machining.

The high-strength roller chain is recommended for machines and equipment that work under extremely hard loading and impact conditions, such as steel mills (furnace door, drainage bench), earth moving and construction equipment, Amusements and others. The main parts are special hardened steel with precious machining

Self-lubricating chains, Freedom series

The Freedom Series Self-Lubricating Chains perform well in the application without additional lubrication. The Freedom Series Self-Lubricating Chains perform well in the application without additional lubrication.

The sintered steel impregnated oil cap provides self lubrication and is ideal for industries where cleaning is critical, such as packaging, printing, food processing, textiles and so on.

It is also designed for applications where regular maintenance is not easily accessible.

Chain with O'ring

Chain O Ring has an O Ring to keep the lubricating oil.

This allows the lubricating oil to be maintained. It is recommended for the lubrication condition is difficult or impossible, the oil can cause some residual problem, or contain dust.

Side bow chain

The side bow chain allows you to run the chain in shortened trail. The side bow chain consists of a larger set between the pin and the cap, as well as the tight set between the outer and inner links.

This special chain having the side bow can allow you to run the chain on the shortened path. Having the standard dimension in JIS, the regular standard pinion can be used together.