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RBC Bearings
RBC BearingsMexico
SpecialtyBearings, Rod end plain bearings
ProductSpherical bearings, ball bearings, aerospace, cam followers

RBC bearings

Bearings in general

RBC Philosophy

We are RBC Bearings distributor in Mexico, RBC Bearings Provides bearings for aerospace, defense and industrial global clients with unique design solutions to complex problems and an unparalleled level of service, quality and support.

Radial ball bearings RBC Nice

In 1902, William Nice founded one of the first “anti-friction” bearing manufacturing plants. RBC NICE®, which begins with coreless ball types and develops in the ground field, today produces a complete line of bearings and precision ground bearing assemblies, which are semi-molded and unfastened.

To choose the exact bearing you need, start with the NICE® line of angular contact and standard thrust ball bearings of dimensions in inches, radial, angular. Standard series ball bearings can be customized to include many features that can meet the demands of many special applications. Our ball bearings are available with special bores, modified outer ring shapes, extended inner rings, locking devices and flange housings. Standards can be ordered sealed, shielded or open, and are offered in degrees of ground and semi-terrain to offer the most cost-effective solution for your application. Even when a standard is not the answer, our engineers can deliver an economical and modified standard design that is “fit for purpose.”

If you are unsure which of RBC, Inc.’s NICE® ball bearings is best for your design application, check with our selection guide. To see a complete series of products, select a product from the list below.

Cam followers

RBC produces a full line of cam followers from 1/2 to 10 inch outside diameter sizes. Technical innovation and cost-saving features have distinguished RBC cam followers from competitors. Contact RBC engineers for assistance in solving difficult bearing challenges in your application.

RBC Roller Cam Follower
Cam Followers
S – Slotted Head
S–L – Slotted Head and Sealed
S–LW – Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
Crowned Cam Followers Standard Stud Series
CS–L – Slotted Head and Sealed
CS–LW – Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
Cam-Centric Adjustable Cam Followers
S–LWX – Cylindrical Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
CS–LWX – Crowned Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
Cam Followers – Heavy Stud
H – Slotted Head
H–L – Slotted Head and Sealed
H–LW – Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
Crowned Cam Followers – Heavy Stud
CH–L – Slotted Head and Sealed
CH–LW – Hexlube – relubricatable hex head
Yoke Rollers – Cylindrical and Crowned O.D.
Y – Without Seals
Y–L – With Seals
CY–L – Sealed and Crowned O.D.
Pitchlign Caged Roller Followers
SRF – Without Seals
SRF–SS – With Seals
Precision Ground Inner Rings
Mast Guide and Carriage Rollers
Chain Sheaves
Toothless Sprockets
Airframe Needle Roller Bearings
Airframe Track Rollers

Rod end plain bearings HEIM

RBC Aerospace Bearings offers a full line of Mil-Spec standard and many specialty and custom designed plain rod ends to the aerospace industry and all major OEMs. These bearing assemblies incorporate a spherical bearing swaged into the rod end body or a loader slot design. Plain rod end bearings are available in high misalignment, high temperature, and light weight titanium series with external or internal threads, optional keyways, and slots.

The rod end bodies are designed to provide high strength and ductility. Common materials for the body are: 4340 cadmium plated, 17-4PH, 15-5PH, PH13-8Mo, Titanium, Inconel® 718, Aluminum and other materials. The inserts provide the rod end with high misalignment and load carrying capability. The insert bearings may be of 17-4PH, 440C, 52100 chrome plated Inconel® 718, Cobalt, Aluminum, Beryllium-Copper, or PH13Mo. The loader slot bearing has the additional ability to remove and replace the spherical ball. (Inconel® is a registered trademark of the INCO family of companies)

RBC manufacturers a number of self-lubricating liner materials that are qualified to AS81935 (formerly MIL-B-81935). In addition, over 60 other self-lubricating materials are available for specific characteristics; such as high temperature for turbine engine applications, or for airframe, helicopter, and landing gear applications.

Needle roller bearings

RBC produces an extensive heavy duty needle roller bearing product line from 1 inch outer ring diameter to 12 ¼ inch outer ring diameter. RBC has the capability to manufacture special designs up to a 39 inch outer diameter.

The RBC SJ series of Pitchlign® heavy duty needle roller bearings are supplied in standard envelopes in both sealed and unsealed configurations. There are eight possible seal configurations. The seals can include double or single seal with the seal lip turned inward or outward. The seal can be mounted in the radius end of the ring or the chamfered end of the ring for optimum mounting variations.

RBC’s patented TJ TandemRoller® heavy duty needle roller bearings increase the capacity of the standard Pitchlign® SJ series from 10% to 40% while maintaining the standard SJ envelope dimensions. The TJ design gives the heavy duty needle roller bearing 37% to 200% greater life over a standard single pocket bearing. These bearings are also available in sealed and unsealed configurations.

RBC heavy duty needle roller bearings present a wide variety of designs. The TJ TandemRoller® and Pitchlign SJ Series heavy duty needle roller bearings are offered in a double-row design. The TJ and SJ roller bearings can also be matched with an inner ring or run directly on a shaft. RBC inner rings can be used separately or as an inner race for complimentary SJ or TJ roller bearings. The inner rings range are through hardened and precision ground.

The RBC SJ and TJ heavy duty needle roller bearing designs are easy to install and are especially beneficial in compact designs because of their high load capacity and small sectional height. The caged rollers allow for the RBC heavy duty needle roller bearings to be used in high speed applications.

Self-lubricating bearings - FIBERGLIDE

Welcome to RBC’s on-line Engineering Data Guide for Fiberglide® Self-Lubricating Bearings. To access critical dimensions and data for your design questions, use the Seach By Criteria section below. If you are uncertain as to which of RBC’s Fiberglide® Self-Lubricating Bearings is best suited for your design application, check with our selection guide. To view an entire product series, select a product from the table of contents.

CJS – Journal Bearing Type – Coiled Steel Backing
CJT – Journal Bearing Type – Thin Walled Steel Backing
CJH – Journal Bearing Type – Heavy Walled Steel Backing
CJM – Metric Sized Journal Bearings – Coiled Steel Backing
LJS – Journal Bearing Liner Type – Non-Metallic
FTS – Thrust Washer – Steel Backing
LTD – Thrust Washer – Non-Metallic
FTP & FTT – Thrust Packs
SJR – Sealed Journal Bearings

Spherical bearings

Welcome to RBC’s on-line Engineering Data Guide for Spherical Plain Bearings. RBC has been a pioneer in spherical bearing technology since inventing the fractured outer race design over 40 years ago.

Since that time, RBC has continued to introduce industry leading innovations such as high misalignment, angular contact, extended inner ring, tapered bore, case carburized, and enhanced lubrication groove spherical bearing designs. These advanced products are used in pivoting, high load bearing applications where angular misalignment is required. Most typically, RBC spherical plain bearings are employed in hydraulic cylinder rod ends, vehicle steering linkage suspensions, heavy equipment articulated joints, and other severe duty uses.

Tapered roller bearings

Tyson Tapered Roller Bearings are used in some of the most critical applications known to industry. They address operating conditions with both radial and axial loads.

The degree of safety demanded in the transportation industry surpasses all other standards. The importance of having the bearings perform is imperative to the safety of others. Regardless of whether the application is rail, truck or aircraft Tyson Roller bearings are designed to meet or exceed the expectations of its users.

Tyson Tapered Roller bearings have the following features:

Logarithmic profile to insure more uniformed stress distribution under medium and heavy loads
Precision finish for proper lubrication flow
Case carburized bearing quality steel to absorb shock loads common in transportation and heavy industrial applications
Heavy duty fleet customers please click here.


RBC Tapered Thrust Bearings are used in applications where heavy loads are present. RBC Tapered Thrust Bearings offer:

Sealed versions where lubrication is problematic or space constraints do not offer the luxury of a shaft seal
Unsealed versions available
Case carburized bearing quality steel
Size ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches bore diameters

Thin section ball bearings

Welcome to RBC’s on-line Engineering Data Guide for Thin Section Ball Bearings. TO access critical dimensions and data for your design questions, use the Seach By Criteria section below. If you are uncertain as to which of RBC’s Thin Section Ball Bearings is best suited for your design application, check with our selection guide. To view an entire product series, select a product from the table of contents.


Lubron AQ
The proven choice for hydro and
marine applications. Composed of high-strength bronze alloys permanently embedded with PTFE solid lubricants, suited for underwater applications, specified by water power authorities and engineering companies worldwide.

Lubron AE
Designed for use in nuclear power plants and nuclear powered vessels. Capable of withstanding high radiation and high temperatures. LUBRON AE near-isotropic nuclear grade graphite solid lubricants are employed to provide long and reliable service life.

Lubron SL
Widely used in industrial and structural applications for moderate to heavy loads and cryogenic to elevated temperatures. Solid graphite lubricants are compounded and compressed into trepanned or circular recesses.
Available in combination with bronze, copper, nickel, and Meehanite alloys.

Lubron TF
Offers exceptional performance for high-load low-friction applications. Constructed of woven PTFE fabric liners permanently bonded and mechanically locked to rigid bronze, stainless steel, or fiberglass backings. Capable of very low friction and high-wear resistance.

Lubron TR
Used for low friction and moderate load applications. Consist of pure PTFE or glass-filled PTFE resin sheets bonded to a combination of carbon steel, stainless steel, reinforced elastomer, or neoprene substrates. Recommended for loads up to 2,000 psi.

Ideal for oscillation, vibration, full rotation, and linear applications. Wrapped bushes, wear plates, and thrust washers are available in both metal and non-metal backed options. Fiberglide excels in the 2,000 to 10,000 psi load spectrum and has a low coefficient of friction.


RBC offers a full line of airframe control ball and roller anti-friction bearings to the aerospace industry. RBC airframe control bearings conform to SAE-AS7949 (formerly MIL-B-7949) and all major OEM specifications. These bearings are of lightweight design, corrosion protected, grease-lubricated, and typically sealed.

Airframe control bearing rings and balls are made of hardened bearing alloy, AISI 52100, with all exposed surfaces, except bearing bore and seals cadmium plated for corrosion protection. For improved corrosion protection, RBC supplies bearings made of hardened stainless steel alloy, AISI 440C. This alloy may, in addition, be passivated or cadmium plated for enhanced corrosion protection. Additionally, RBC offers airframe control bearings zinc nickel plated to the above base metals, providing an alternative to cad plate (ASM2417).

RBC supplies airframe control bearings both in “Standard” and “Precision” series. The prefix “M” in a bearing number indicates that it is of a precision series. Although designed and manufactured under demanding quality control requirements for airborne systems, these bearings have been successfully used in other fields of application, where motions are mainly oscillatory and/or with limited rotation.

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