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Lovejoy Couplings
SpecialtyMechanical power transmission
ProductFlexible, rigid, clamp-on couplings



World leader in coupling technology. Reliability since 1900.

We are Lovejoy distributor in Mexico, World leader in couplings, power transmission, hydraulic components and rubber suspension technology, Lovejoy’s first priority is to meet the needs of its customers around the world.

Usual applications

– Electricity generation
– Food industry and beverages
– Aggregates
– Pulp, Wood, Paper
– Siderurgy

Grip couplings

The Lovejoy jaw couplings come in the widest variety of combinations of inner diameters and keys. These couplings do not require lubrication and provide excellent and reliable services in light, medium and heavy electric motor applications, and internal combustion power transmissions.

Applications include power transmission to industrial equipment such as pumps, gearboxes, compressors, blowers, mixers and conveyor belts. The Lovejoy jaw model comes in 24 different sizes, from a minimum torque of 3.5 in-lb (0.4 Nm) to a maximum torque of 170,004 in-lb (19,209 Nm), and a variety of interior diameters from 0.125 inches (4.45 mm) to 7 inches (178 mm). The Lovejoy Standard Inner Diameters program includes inner diameter / key combinations and grooved inner diameters conforming to AGMA, SAE and DIN standards.

Typically, Lovejoy jaw couplings consist of two hubs (available in sintered metal, aluminum, bronze, steel, stainless steel and ductile iron) and an elastomeric element known as a spider or shock absorber (available in materials such as NBR SOX gum, Urethane, Hytrel® and bronze).

Grip and friction couplings

The jaw and friction couplings are not fail-safe, so the coupling acts as a fuse in order to avoid damage to the equipment in case of torque overloads. Instead of the spider being compressed between the jaws locked in each axis, our jaw and friction coupling has the hubs apart, with the jaws aligned axially. In this way, the widest spider is in a fictional plane.

The jaw and friction coupling spider is radially removable, which means that it is not necessary to move any of the hubs (from the actuator or driven equipment) to replace it. This means a substantial saving of time and maintenance costs. The retaining ring holding the spider has three small protrusions that fit into the J-shaped grooves of the spider’s perimeter and hold it in place. This feature is patent pending. It will not work if it is not fastened and, since it does not include fastenings, the maintenance and disassembly of the spider takes only a few minutes. The friction spider of Lovejoy’s straight jaw buckets is also pending its patent. The new Lovejoy friction chuck is used with industry-standard standard L-type and standard C-type jaw couplings, which has another advantage: it is not necessary to keep different bucket stocks only for this newly designed elastomer. Existing applications using compressed spiders can be adapted with the new friction spider if its features are convenient. The jaw and friction chandelier is crafted with a tough urethane formula that allows the optimal combination of durability, chemical resistance, temperature ranges and torsional flexibility. The hubs used may have a maximum inside diameter of 4.00″ (102 mm).

Curved clamp couplings

Lovejoy, the world’s largest coupling manufacturer, offers the complete line of jaw couplings compatible with the European standard. Supplied and used around the world, Lovejoy Curved Gag Couplings meet all the needs of this type of couplings.

The three-piece design of the curved jaw incorporates a radial curvature up to the face of the jaw, as well as radial and axial curvature (crown) to the elastomer (spider). This feature improves torsional flexibility and angular misalignability up to 1.3 °.

Curved clamp couplings provide very reliable services in power transmission applications of light, medium and heavy electric motors as well as internal combustion engines. Common applications of curved clamp couplings include the connection of power sources to pumps, gearboxes, compressors, blowers and fans, mixers, conveyors and electric generators.

S-Flex couplings

The simple design of the S-Flex couplings
S-Flex guarantees easy assembly and reliable performance. No special tools are required to install or disassemble. S-Flex couplings can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The design of the S-Flex couplings consists of three parts. Two flanges with internal teeth fit a flexible elastomeric sleeve with external teeth. Each flange is attached to the respective axis of the actuator and driven, and the torque is transmitted through the flanges through the sleeve. The misalignments and torsional loads are absorbed by the shear shear deflection in the sleeve. The shear characteristics of the S-Flex couplings are ideal for absorbing impact loads.

Gear couplings

Lovejoy presents its gear couplings in a wide variety of designs and models. From standard designs to new special high-speed designs, Lovejoy can meet your needs for gear couplings.

The Lovejoy / Sier-Bath gear couplings come in a variety of configurations, such as hubs and sleeves C and F, hubs for milling motors and shaft and spacer designs. The excellent technical staff of Lovejoy enables the compatibility of various optional couplings, such as drum brakes, sliding bucket, friction pin, Jordan type and custom lengths for non-standard axle separations. Lovejoy can also manufacture additional size and design couplings to meet unusual application requirements. Materials range from standard steel to steel alloys and even stainless steel. All this is possible thanks to the exceptional simplicity of the design of Lovejoy couplings.