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ITA BearingsMexico
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ProductBall bearings, precisión bearings, stainless steel

ITA Bearings

General bearings

ITA Bearings Mexico
We are ITA Bearings distributor in Mexico, BIOSA MOTION Technologies distributes bearings, specializing in providing a wide range of bearings and components for various applications. The ITA manufacturing centers have highly qualified personnel, each product manufactured in the plant goes through a rigorous process of quality control before reaching their hands. The experience gained by producing and marketing allowed the brand to innovate in the process of storage and packaging. Always open to communication with users, working to be providers of integral solutions.

Ball bearings

Deep-groove ball bearings single row, also known as the 6000 or 6XXX series, belong to the most widely used design throughout the world, due to their versatility and excellent cost-benefit ratio. Most common choice when low cost criteria in design and maintenance, or low noise in operation are the guiding principle. They are bearings of the non-separable type which are composed of a series of rolling elements, a separator and two rings with rolling paths with a radius slightly greater than that of the spheres. At ITA Bearings we offer bearings of this family with or without Seals (Nitrile RS Seals or Sheet Metal Shields Z) for use in environments where contaminants are present, when the working position demands it or where it is not feasible or economical relubricate frequently.

Roller bearings

Spherical thrust roller bearings are an ideal solution in applications with the following conditions:

– High loads
– Difficulty in maintaining alignment with the housing or preventing the arrow from experiencing deviations.

These applications can be:
– drilling in platforms
– Pumps and turbines
– Extruders in injection molding
– Marine propulsion
– Steel support rollers
– Helical conveyors

It is a self-aligning bearing that combines radial and axial load capacity (up to 50%) has been designed so that the raceway receives a large number of asymmetric rollers to distribute the load, while the rollers profile is such Which maintains contact with the track over its entire length, is therefore able to operate at relatively high speeds.


ITA miniature ball bearings are designed to withstand both radial and axial movements so that they are capable of working at very high speeds with very low friction and low noise.

ITA miniature ball bearings are manufactured with a normal internal radial clearance. The bearings are also designed with a lower internal clearance C2 or greater C3, C4 to CS, thus offering a wide variety of products. Common application dental sector, Laboratories.

Lubricated with an appropriate amount of USDA-HI solid polymer grease, optimizes the temperature resistance from 10 to 220 ° F.

Stainless Steel

The chemical composition of Stainless Steel (SS) gives it a high resistance to corrosion.

Bearings made of Stainless Steel (SS) are a special solution for environments in which there is contact with water and other agents that promote corrosion. Deep-groove single-row deep groove ball bearings support radial and axial loads in both directions.

The bearing capacity of bearings manufactured in stainless steel is less than that of bearings of the same dimensions made with conventional steel.

Super precision

The bearings are very precise mechanisms that have as purpose the combat to the friction, nevertheless, exist applications and conditions in which a conventional bearing is not the solution Longeva.
The more stringent the tolerances are (as indicated by ISO 492 or DIN 620 and its JIS and ANSI equivalents) in Bearing dimensions, the best solution will be found in super precision bearings that provide:

– High speed of rotation
– Silent operation
– Minimal friction and heat generation
– Controlled stiffness
– Low energy consumption
– Length of time for extended maintenance.

CNC Machinery
Machining centers
Spindles for metal cutting machinery and joinery work
High Speed Laminating Machines
Machine tool spindles for high radial loads and Floating side among others.

Roller chains

The standard roller chain, duplex, triplex or more rows running in parallel, is widely used in various industrial applications:

– Conveyors
– Rollers
– oil industry
– Food and Beverage
– Of the construction

Lubrication of the chain is an important factor to avoid wear and failure, it is ideal that the oil to be placed is fluid enough to reach all the elements, some factors involved in lubrication are the temperature and the size of chain.

– Less than 30 ° C can cause accidents due to cracking of the parts that make up the chain.
– More than 160 ° C reduces the hardness of the treated parts and the chain loses working capacity reducing approximately 30% when working at 200 ° C.

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Rodamiento de rodillos ITA
Rodamiento miniatura ITA
Rodamiento Inoxidable ITA
Rodamiento Super Precision ITA


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