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guías lineales y husillos de bolas
HIWIN MotionMexico
SpecialtyPrecision linear sistems
ProductLinear guides / Ball screws


Motion Control and System Technology

We are a HIWIN distributor in Mexico, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes and the rest of the country; the linear guides provide a linear movement utilizing recirculating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a support block. The coefficient of friction in a linear guide is only 1/50 as compared to a traditional linear device and are capable of handling loads in all directions.

With these features, a linear guide can achieve high precision and a much greater precision of movement. BIOSA Motion Technologies SA de CV offers multiple series of linear guides and each series offers different options for sizes, load capacities, precisions and more.

Linear guides

All HIWIN series are designed with load capacity and rigidity superior to other similar products with arc grooves of different designs and optimization of the design of their structure. It has equal degrees of load in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions and are self-aligning to absorb the installation error. Manufactured with special grade steels to prevent corrosion and increase durability. Thus, the linear guides of the HG series can achieve a long life with high speed, high precision, low noise level and smooth linear movement. Series:

HG Series
EG series
WE Series
MG series
QH Series
QE Series
QW Series
RG Series
QR series
PG series
– Accessories

Ball screws

The ball screws are composed of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that circulate through a mechanism of return. Ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion, and are most commonly used in industrial machinery and precision machines. BIOSA Motion Technologies offers a wide range of ball screw configurations to meet your special application requirements. Hiwin has the ability to produce JIS C0 and DIN 5 class ground ball screws (up to 23 microns) for precision rolled ball screws. Ballscrew O.D. They range from 4 mm to 120 mm, and with Dm-N values of up to 220,000

Precision ball screw to ground
Ball Screw Spindle
Super S Series
Super T Series
Precision miniature ball screw spindle
R1 Series with Rotary Nut
Heavy load series
Rolled spindle
– Accessories

AC Servo motors & drives

BIOSA Motion Corporation offers AC servo motors and stepper motors that, combined with the Hiwin product line, are excellent solutions for converting rotary motion into linear motion. Our engines complement our product offerings and can be a complete linear motion solution when our servo drive is incorporated. Our servo drive solution is compatible with: high performance drives for linear motors, shaft motors, torque motors and AC servomotors.

High reliability (closed circuit system)
High efficiency with low heat generation
High speed, high torque
Low noise and vibration when spinning
Encoders available up to 17 bits
Optional brake
Available in ratings from 50W to 1KW
Stepper motors
Simple for angle / speed control
Retention torque
High resolution and position accuracy
Angle of passage 1.8 degrees
Two step stepper motor
Synchronized with input pulse
High positional accuracy with open loop method
Good response to start and stop
No accumulated angle error when stopped
2-phase (6-wire conductor) stepper motor bearable
Unipolar Current Controller
Function of the microproduction controller
Constant output current 0.2A ~ 2Av
Maximum frequency response 150000Hz
Support Pulse / Direction Pulse (1P)
Support CW / CCW pulse (2P)
Support Quadrature Pulse (A / B)
Additional control of positive / negative pole limit
Release motor

Linear Actuators

They are compact, lightweight and highly flexible products that can be found in a wide range of applications. The linear actuators use a gear system that is connected to a screw and is driven by a motor. As the motor runs, the gear is translated into the screw shaft, turning the rotary motion into linear motion. BIOSA MOTION Technologies can provide a complete actuator solution that includes actuators, controllers and keyboards for a single axis or multi axis system. We offer a wide range of linear actuator designs to suit your specific application.

Motores lineales

HIWIN Corporation fabrica soluciones de accionamiento directo, plug and play. Los motores lineales son capaces de aceleraciones rápidas y altas velocidades, proporcionando una precisión y exactitud sin igual. BIOSA Motion Technologies ofrece diseños de motores lineales estandarizados pero opciones personalizables están disponibles. Aparte de los motores lineales de un solo eje, estas etapas se pueden combinar para formar tablas cruzadas o incluso sistema de pórtico.
Productos destacados
Guías lineales Serie WE
Rango base de carga dinámica: 5.23kN – 29.8 kN
La serie WE ofrece iguales grados de carga radial, radial inversa y dirección lateral con puntos de contacto a 45 grados. Esto junto con el carril ancho, permite que la guía sea clasificada para cargas altas, momentos y rigidez. Por diseño, tiene una capacidad de auto-alineación que puede absorber la mayoría de los errores de instalación y puede cumplir con los estándares de alta precisión. La capacidad de utilizar un solo raíl y tener el perfil bajo con un centro de gravedad bajo es ideal donde el espacio es limitado y / o los momentos altos son requeridos.

Super S Series Ball Screws

This series uses a patented design return system that can absorb ball impact noise which greatly reduces the noise intensity and allows the ball screw to sustain maximum performance in harsh environments. The modified return system improves the resistance of the return structure, which increases the Dm-N value and reduces the ball nut diameter by 18% -32%.

Actuadoreslineales HIWIN


HIWIN, it offers high precision and superior quality in its linear systems, besides having equivalence of other brands

HIWIN Systems

Linear motion


Ball Screws